Congratulations to all of our 2018 High Point Winners
Lead Line Boys 6 & Under
High Point
Smith Chestnut

Reserve High Point
Parker Wolheter
Lead Line Girls 6 & Under
High Point
Emery Bunn

Reserve High Point
Lynleigh Jo Durbin
9 & Under Girls
High Point
Karmindy VanHorn

Reserve High Point
Bre Wolheter
10-13 Girls
High Point
Kassidy VanHorn
10-13 Boys
High Point
Reed Selner
14-18 Girls
High Point 
Maddison Wagner
19 & Over
High Point
Brady Chestnut

Reserve High Point
Emily Barnhardt
19 & Over Walk/Trot
High Point
Shelby Brenner

Reserve High Point
Susan Bunn
JPFC 3 Year Olds
High Point
Brady Chestnut
Top Hand 18 & Under
High Point
Reese Wolheter
In Hand Triad
High Point
Emily Barnhardt

Reserve Champion
Ken Brooks


Do You Feed Tribute??

Save the Proof of Purchases off the back of your bags of feed!!  Our club can send in those proof of purchases for $.25 each in money back to the Club.  Bring them to the next show!!





POA Maximum Height Chart:

Weanlings 47"

Yearlings 53 1/2"

Two Year Olds 55"

Three Year Olds 55 1/2"

Four Year Olds and older 56"



Do you Show your POA at Open Shows?

Would you like to earn Year End Awards for promoting our breed at these Shows?

Check out the Open Show Points Information located on the Shows and Membership Information Page for all the details!

Show and Membership Information -   

2019 Show Dates

June 8 & 9

Cass County Fairgrounds, Cassopolis, MI

Saturday:  B&P Show

Judge:  Carole Dunbar

Sunday:  B&P Show

Judge:  Emily Spray

June 28, 2019 - MSU Pavilion

Lansing, Michigan

Michigan B&P Show & Promo

Judges:  Robert Milks & Kathie Crowley

June 29 & 30 - MSU Pavilion

Lansing, Michigan

Eastern World Show

Saturday Judge:  Rick Walters

Sunday Judge:  Stephanie McConnell

July 27 & 28

St. Joseph County Fairgrounds, Centreville, MI

Saturday:  2 B&P Shows

Judges:  Jenny Pierucki & Christine Maynard-Zecklin

Sunday:  B&P Show

Judge:  Jill Avis-Phillips

August 31 & September 1 - Labor Day Weekend

Cass County Fairgrounds, Cassopolis, MI

2 B&P Shows Each Day

Saturday Judges:  Laura Jackson & Linda McKenzie

Sunday Judges:  Ron Strefling & Jack Brush




Please see the Show and Membership information page for Entry Forms, and Showbills for this years Shows. 

Any questions please e-mail heatherpuustinen@gmail.com